Oral Histories

Communist Party Oral Histories

New York City Immigrant Labor Oral History Project (OH.014)

Lower East Side Oral Histories (OH.033)

Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives Oral History Collections 

Asian Women United (OH.074)

Professional Staff Congress (CUNY)

Irish America

New Yorkers at Work (OH.001)

Alger Hiss (TAM.709

Frederic Ewen Audiotape and Videotape Collection (OH.052)

Occupy Wall Street

Iraq Veterans Against the War 

Southern Tenant Farmer's Union (WAG.329) 

Colin Davis Waterfront Workers Oral History Collection (OH.060)

Asian Garment Workers in New York City Oral History Collection (OH.018)

Stewardesses for Women's Rights Oral History Collection (OH.012)

Miriam Frank Oral Histories on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Activists in the Labor Movement

Hispanic Apparel Union Officers Oral History Collection (OH.004)

United Federation of Teachers Oral History Collection (OH.009)

Intersectionality and the Labor Movement Oral Histories (coming soon)

Rapp-Coudert (coming soon)

HUAC (coming soon)


Image of crowd of people from early 20th century

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