Spanish Civil War Postcard 003


Front of postcard (recto). Image of a cartoon city street under fire. There are several explosions and buildings in flames. In the foreground, a large explosions lifts one man into the air and seriously injures three others in the head. Inside of the flames, there is a man's leg and arm. In the bottom right corner, there is a bloody foot with a shoe. In the background, there is a truck on fire and a body hangs over the rails of a building's balcony.
Back of postcard (verso). Image of a page with text. Full text includes "No. 22 Big Shells Kill Madrid Children at Play The zipping voices of big shells close-at-hand became a familiar sound to civilians in the cities of Spain under bombardment during the Civil War in 1936. After the intensive shelling for a day was ended, small boys who had been huddled in the vicinity would first cautiously peer out from their hiding places in cellars, then scurry about the ruins. Like children the world over they were attracted by bright bits of jagged metal or small steel fragments lying in the rubble. When an especially large piece came to view there would be shouts of joy! Sometimes their joy was short-lived. Another shell, quite unexpected, would whizz and crack overhead, catching the children at their play. Some would be horribly mutilated; others blown to bits before their terrified comrades. Too late then to think about running to cover! Their playground was turned into a place of death and destruction by the relentless Spirit of War. To know the horrors of war is to want peace This is one of a series of 240 Picture Cards. Save to get them all. Picture and Text Copyright 1938, GUM, INC., Phila., Pa."


Spanish Civil War Postcard 003


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