Spanish Civil War Postcard 007


Front of postcard (recto). Image of a group of cartoon soldiers and civilians leaving a city under attack. Behind the lines of people walking, there are soldiers shooting large canon-like weapons into the city from behind a sandbag barricade. In the background, there are buildings and several explosions. The ground is covered in snow.
Back of postcard (verso). Image of a page with text. Full text includes "No.45 Surrender of Rebels at Teruel Headed by Lieutenant Colonel Rey d'Harcourt, a force of Rebel troops and aged persons, women, and children had barricaded themselves in the old quarter of the city of Teruel in December, 1937. Making the Hospital of Asuncion their fort, they held out against a fierce Loyalist attack for seventeen days! Hard-pressed by the attackers, and later without food and water, they were driven from building to building until they reached the limit of their endurance. Finally, at 2.00 p. m. on January 7, 1938, a group numbering 500 women, children, and aged gave themselves up under amnesty terms, and were found to be in a pitiable state of exhaustion. They had had nothing to eat for over a week, and were crying for water! Many fainted after they came above ground and left the building under lash of bitter cold. The bodies of a score of women, children and old men, who had apparently starved to death, were removed from the crumbling ruins. To know the horrors of war is to want peace This is one of a series of 240 Picture Cards. Save to get them all. Picture and Text Copyright 1938, GUM, INC., Phila., Pa."


Spanish Civil War Postcard 007


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