Spanish Civil War Postcard 016


Front of postcard (recto). Image of a cartoon ship launching torpedos at another ship in a large body of water. The ship being fired at releases a cloud of dark smoke. In the background, there is a third ship. In the foreground, two men stand on the edge of the boat, next to the torpedos. One man uses binoculars to watch the fired torpedo.
Back of postcard (verso). Image of a page with text and a labeled illustration. In between the text, there is an illustration of a torpedo with labels "Explosive", "Compressed air here gives driving power.", "Fuel Bottle", "Generator", "Hydro Valve", "Engine", and "Gyroscope". Full text includes "94 Torpedoing the Rebel Cruiser Baleares In the early morning of March 6, 1938, a chance encounter between the Spanish Government Warship Lepanto and the Cruiser Baleares, belonging to the Rebels, resulted in the sinking of the Baleares and the loss of 600 of her crew! Struck amidships by a torpedo, the Rebel ship exploded and headed for Davy Jones' Locker! The picture shows the deadly torpedo starting on its course, propelled by a special compressed air system. Compressed air, fuel and water are fed into a generator. The air supports the combustion of fuel, and the water is turned into steam. The steam plus the products of combustion cause the engine to drive the "tin fish" at high speed. A gyroscope gives it balance. Torpedos will travel for three miles or more, at over forty miles an hour. Cost, about $15,000 each. Explosive Compressed air here gives driving power. Fuel Bottle Generator Hydro Valve Engine Gyroscope To know the horrors of war is to want peace This is one of a series of 240 True Stories of Modern Warfare. Save to get them all. Copyright 1938, GUM, INC., Phila., Pa."


Spanish Civil War Postcard 016


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