Spanish Civil War Postcard 047


Front of postcard (recto). Image of a group of cartoon soldiers moving through a smoke-filled field. There are planes flying overhead. In the background, there are a few explosions and soldiers.
Back of postcard (verso). Image of a page with text. Full text includes "182 Franco Advances in Smoke Screen On March 24, 1938, the Spanish Insurgent Army used smoke screens for the first time to conceal its advance and struck out for the Mediterranean on a new course into Catalonia. Two towns belonging to the Government surrendered in this advance, on the first day, which brought one Rebel column well along in a drive to dominate the Huesca-Zaragoza highway. Shifting their attacks to the north bank of the Ebro River, after a two-weeks' clean-up campaign on the south, the Rebels fixed Lerida as their first important objective. (Lerida was a key city for any drive to carry the Rebels into the northeastern corner of Spain. The Insurgents at this date had already conquered Northern and Western Spain, Northeastern Catalonia, and a central portion south of Madrid; the southeastern sector about Valencia remained in Government hands.) To know the horrors of war is to want peace This is one of 240 True Stories of Modern Warfare. Save to get them all and compete for 1000 Cash Prizes. Ask your dealer. Copyright 1938, GUM, INC., Phila., Pa. Printed in U.S.A."


Spanish Civil War Postcard 047


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c. 1936-1938




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